Casmara Pro Age Booster Sheet Mask


Sheet Mask with bakuchiol Booster with bakuchiol (plant retinol). Acts globally on the signs of aging for younger-looking effect.

Its magnetic technology interacts with the skin for optimal ingredient absorption.

Who is this for?

All ages and skin types. Mature skin and/or visible signs of aging.

What does this do? 

  • Helps to prevent visible signs of aging.
  • Helps to prevent the appearance of dark spots and the skin tone.
  • Helps maintain the optimal moisture level.

How will you feel ? 

  • Softened facial lines.
  • Revitalized skin.
  • Hydrated skin

Active ingredients:

PLANT-BASED RETINOL (BAKUCHIOL): helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with skin tone, elasticity, and firmness, Avoids the side effects of retinol.