InstaShiatsu+ Smart Series Vitala Foot Massager With Heat in Grey

$259.00 $321.00
$259.00 $321.00you save $62.00

A Spa-Quality Shiatsu Massage

Sit back and relax anywhere you want with a deep- tissue shiatsu massage in the InstaShiatsu®+ Foot Massager + Heat. This foot massager uses a combination of airbag compression and shiatsu massage rollers to give you a dynamic all-encompassing massage.

App Controlled

Our Vita Foot Massager comes Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to connect to our truMedic® App! Control all the massage functions of your device with the app and see how it has impacted your health in the health dashboard!

The truMedic® World of Connected Wellness

truMedic® has built a complete ecosystem of connected wellness and our InstaShiatsu®+ Foot Massager is the newest part of that vision. With an app that connects to any compatible truMedic® device, you’ll walk into any room of your home and experience relief. Through our connected ecosystem of health and wellness devices, you’ll record vital health information over time and take control of your wellbeing.