Essentials Facial Tool Kit

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This Kit Includes:

Makeup Remover -Conveniently the right size and completely organic. This Makeup Remover is designed with a pocket to slip your fingers in and remove makeup with the addition of warm water. Directions: No additional product is needed, just simply wet your Makeup Remover with warm water and swipe away Makeup including foundation, eye makeup and mascara.

Cleansing Puff -This exfoliating and cleansing puff is the perfect tool for elevating your current facial routine. The texture is ideal for a mild to vigorous scrub and works well with your favorite cleanser or soap. Directions: Simply wet cleansing puff and your face, apply your cleanser or soap directly to puff and exfoliate face and neck in circular motions. Rinse well, wring out excess water and replace approximately every 90 days.

Jade Facial Roller- This is a tool that has been used for centuries to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and increase circulation while also toning and contouring. The cooling effort of the Jade Facial Roller will also reduce puffiness and tighten pore. Furthermore, Jade is known for its healing properties and has been a long time symbol of purification and tranquility. *Color may vary as Jade is a naturally occurring element. A slight squeaking can occur with the friction of the stone on metal, this is normal and often minimal . Directions: Gently roll your Jade Facial Roller beauty tool over freshly cleansed skin daily for 5- 10 minutes, can be used on clean skin or over a serum or facial oil. Using over a serum or oil will help the product penetrate more deeply into the skin due.

Makeup applicator- The perfect beauty tool to extend the life of your makeup and concealer and to give you an even finish. Directions: Run your makeup applicator under water until saturated, squeezing just a bit of the excess water out so it is not dripping water. Then apply product to the sponge or to a surface like the back of your hand and dab sponge with product on it directly to the face in the desired areas you wish to apply the makeup to. Tapping motions create a better coverage than swiping will. \n

Headband - Comfortably control hair with this convenient, soft, flexible bamboo fiber Beauty Headband. Perfect to sweep hair off of your face when cleansing or when applying a facemask, or even to control hair as you apply makeup. Elastic band makes for a comfortable fit and also absorbs excess moisture. Directions: Slide over head collecting hair and push back over forehead to control hair. Machine wash as needed on a normal wash and dry cycle.